Chase Your Pipe Dream

Topic: Pursuing Dreams

The term "pipe dream" has historically had a negative connotation and has kept dreamers from realizing their true potential, passion and purpose.

Discover how to utilize the "Ultimate Vision Bullseye" method to gain clarity and focus, and hone in on your goals.

Outcomes: Strategy, execution and confidence

The Two-Sided Coin of Fear

Topic: Overcoming Fear

Fear can be one of the biggest roadblocks to the pursuit of a goal. It asks, "What might happen if I try and fail?" But, what if fear had another side that questioned, "What might happen if I don't try?" Sometimes it can feel like a real coin flip!

Discover how to leverage "good fear" and use it to your advantage

Outcomes: Increased confidence, mindset

Righteous Discontentment

Topic: Career Development

We're conditioned to "be responsible" when it comes to work. And sometimes the pressure to do so can make us stay in the wrong situation, ignoring our built-in warning signs.

Discover how to identify the connection between who you are and what you do. And learn how to use the PIE Philosophy to reach your career calling.

Outcomes: Self-awareness, strategy, new approach to career

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